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When will my masks ship?
Currently on average from 2 – 9 days, we will surely keep you updated.

We sincerely appreciate your patience while we work to restock and most masks are made to order according to your preference, please refer to specific product pages.

We are all living in weird times right now, but we are proud to say that we are working our hardest to offer you the fastest shipping possible.

Are they made in the U.S.?

Yes! We can proudly say that ALL of our face masks are made here in the United States.

Made & Shipped in the U.S. 

When will I be charged?
Masks will be charged during checkout. Once ordered, modifications cannot be made. Please double check your shipping address prior to purchase.

Do I get a discount for large orders?
For orders larger than 50, please write to us and we can give you a promo code.

Can I request a color? Can I customize a mask?
Absolutely, you can request colors or customize masks on the Custom Collection from what is offered on the product pages.

How many layers is the mask?
Our masks are two layers.

Can the mask be molded to my nose?
If you really need your masks to have a moldable embedded wire for your nose bridge, we can accommodate you if requested.

How can I wash and care for my masks?
For a longer lifespan, we recommend hand-washing with cold water and air drying. It is also safe to machine wash warm, without bleach. Do not tumble dry.

Do not place in the oven or microwave.

What is the recommended proper use?
Please remove this mask by holding the elastics and without touching the surface of the fabric.

You should be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth and wash your hands immediately after removing this mask.

Hang in a place where the outside surface will not brush against other surfaces.

It is recommended that you wash your mask once after every day of prolonged exposure.

Does your mask have a filter? Does it have an opening for a filter?
Our masks do have a filter, without the need of an opening, it is washable and reusable for your convenience.

What is the size of the masks?




So there’s definitely a face mask just for you!

Are the masks unisex?

How are the masks attached?
You can fasten your mask around your ears with the built-in elastic loops.

Have other questions?
Contact us and we’ll keep updating this page.